Wholesale groats, flour, sugar

Distribution of well-known brands

ElitPak company

Manufacture of prepackaged groats, flakes and cereals. Distribution of a wide range of groceries.

Founded more than 16 years ago, ElitPak company is a significant player in grocery trade of Central Federal Area of Russia.

The number of our partners has doubled over the past few years, which proves that we are constantly growing and that we offer advantageous conditions of cooperation.

We offer a wide range of groceries, that allows our clients to buy all they need from a single supplier. At the same time, a constant growth of the partner network allows us to exercise a greater degree of flexibility in pricing.

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Instant flakes and cereals

Oatmeal Hercules GOST, Oatmeal Extra No. 3 GOST, buckwheat, rice, wheat flakes, 3-grain flakes, 4-grain flakes, 5-grain flakes, 6 -grain flakes, 7-grain flakes ...


Milled steamed rice, buckwheat, semolina, pearl barley groats, maize, green beans, split peas, millet, breadcrumbs and so on...


Vermicelli, сavatappi, сreste di gallo, elbows, pipe rigate, fusilli, spaghetti...


Lavrovskaya flour – package of 1 kg, Lavrovskaya flour – package of 2 kg, Lavrovskaya rye flour, wheat flour, Elite flour, 5 kg, 10 kg.


SUGAR white crystalline beet category TS 2 GOST 33222-2015 - package of 0,8 kg, of 0,9 kg, of 1,0 kg, of 1,5 kg, of 2 kg, of 5 kg, of 10 kg. Refined sugar – 1 kg, 0,5 kg, 0,25 kg.

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To the partners

To the wholesale buyers

ElitPak company is ready to offer a wide range of groceries, logistics services, competitive prices.

To the suppliers

ElitPak company is ready to help producers of quality goods to enter the market quickly by providing a constant demand and a stable high income.

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