ElitPak LLC was founded in 2004.

The main line of operation is manufacture of prepackaged groats, flakes and cereals "ElitPak", "Shchedry Krai" and "Econom".

In the course of the trademark creation, the following key criteria of the company advancement have been highlighted::

- high quality of the offered goods and services;

- formation of a long-term partnership with customer companies;

- generation of a professional team.

The mission of ElitPak involves meeting of the consumers’ demands and needs, and a wide range of sold private label products, thus creating a healthy competition for reduction of prices for the sold merchandise.

14 years have passed, and nowadays our company is a modern logistic center that put together a warehouse for goods unloading with railway and motor transport; a finished product manufacture shop; facilities for storage of the finished products, and the company’s own vehicle park with various load-bearing capacities. See the photos.

Warehouses of our sales network are present in Oryol, Znamenskoe, Kromy, and Mtsensk.

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